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We Are Now Oculus Start Developers


We are proud to announce that we are now a member of the Oculus Developer Start Program.

After submitting our application to the Oculus Team, along with a playable build of Shard Soul's current development build for GearVR, we have been officially welcomed into the Oculus Developer Start Program.

What does this mean for Karmadom?

Since I began this project last year, my ultimate goal was to eventually port Shard Soul to PC for use with Rift and Vive technology and controllers in order to maximize the immersion and beauty I imagined for the worlds that the player will encounter throughout the story.  As an Oculus Start developer, I can now have access to Oculus technology, tools, and support in order to achieve that dream much sooner.  I will no longer have to limit my vision to the confines of a mobile device's power and be able to harness the power of modern gaming machines to enhance the world I have imagined for Shard Soul.

As a new member of the Oculus Start program, Karmadom will be receiving the Rift hardware to begin porting Shard Soul to the platform along with development licenses and one on one technical support from the Oculus Team.

Also, it feels really great knowing the Oculus Team played through the demo of Shard Soul and decided my work and vision was suitable for them to invest their time and assets into.


What does this mean to you?   

Freed from the limitations of a mobile device, I can now use the power of a gaming PC to bring the world of Shard Soul to life, as I originally imagined it.  Larger map areas, higher resolutions, more atmospherics and higher graphical qualities are just the beginning.

With the use of two motion controllers, players will now be able to dual wield weapons during their adventures, if so desired.  As a fan of Diablo 3, I had imagined myself running through Shard Soul dual wielding hand crossbows.  Now we can.  If you prefer to hold two swords, a sword and shield, a crossbow and shield, it will be up to your play style.  Having the ability to integrate two controllers into the game to be used together has opened up a lot of potential.


I look forward to demonstrating more progress on the project as we move forward with development on the Oculus Platform.


Stay Tuned!