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Quest On! Classic quest driven story line.
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Converse Discover the secrets of the shard hunters.

More Player Stats and UI Work and

We've been spending a little time working on the player menu and UI, as it will be a key factor in game play.

While the fonts we plan to use are not in play yet, the quest tracker is up and running and updated at each new step of a quest line.  Since Shard Souls leans more on the action RPG side of the house, we do not plan on developing an in-depth player quest journal.  

As you can see from the image above, we have also integrated the player health/mana/experience bars into the play menu.  While these are great for out-of-combat reference, players are notified by damage and current health states by other means.


Also, currently on the desk and under development, I have begun wiring up player levels, statistics, and stat point distribution.  Each of these stats will play a key role in how each player prefers to handle the action in Shard Souls.