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Shard Souls

Shard Souls is a virtual reality fantasy (and sci-fi) action adventure RPG, inspired by the classic action RPGs of the 1990's.  It is currently in development for Oculus Rift and HCT Vive with plans to support PlayStationVR.

Originally, the project was designed as a learning experience for Google Cardboard and eventually ported over to GearVR to test development with a motion controller.  In March of 2018, the playable GearVR demo was submitted to the Oculus Team for review as part of our application to the new Oculus Developer Start program.  As a result, we have been accepted into the Oculus Developer Start program where we have received their support to develop Shard Souls for Oculus Rift.  Karmadom is now working full steam head to bring the adventure to Oculus Rift, with plans to simultaneously port the project to HCT Vive once we are further into development and PlaystationVR shortly after.




In Shard Souls as the player, you are dropped into a clasic action-adventure fantasy world. Each segment of each episode is centered around a hub such as a village, town, castle, space station, city, or army base. New areas are unlocked by acquiring lore, solving puzzles, or through traditional quest progression. Players can freely travel between hubs, once areas have been unlocked, talking to NPCs, acquiring more lore, purchasing or selling equipment and items, and do quests to aquire more of each while progressing through the story. Some areas you will need to navigate through in Episode One are enchanted forests, goblin infested valleys, goblin and undead infested dungeons, bustling castles and farmlands, and more. As a Shard Hunter, players will acquire new abilities and skills by equipping relics that are discovered, purchased, or rewarded, and can be used to tailor the play experience. Action combat styles can be tailored through equipped weapons such as swords, shields, hand crossbows, staves and more. New types of weapons are available in future episodes, dependent on the worlds the episode is centered on. Player strengths and weaknesses can be customized to accommodate play styles by placing points earned through gaining levels into stats that directly impact the players experiences, such as ranged distance, weapon power, movement speed, health points, and magic power.




 Episode One:  In a fantasy world, the player begins their life exploring the peaceful valley around the cabin they call their home before being summoned to a nearby village to do business with the locals.  While speaking with the residents and learning more about the world in which they live, the player will begin conducting minor quests until the village asks the player to assist in the search for a brother and sister that have recently gone missing.  The player's search quickly becomes a search and rescue mission while uncovering a a looming threat that has remained hidden beneath the surface for hundreds of years.  It is that very threat that launches the player into a race against time to stop a looming darkness from securing long lost relics that have the power to puncture holes through the very fabric of space and time.



 During episode one, players will discover adventure in many forms as their quest leads them through mystical valleys, secluded villages, castle towns, haunted forests, forgotten crypts, and long-lost dungeons.  From simple killing, collecting, defense, and rescue missions to surviving wave attacks as hordes of goblins attempt to overwhelm the player to buy more time for their insane leader and delay the hero's progress.



Equip yourself with a range of weaponry to create your own play-style.  Duel wield hand crossbows or swords, crossbow and sword, or sword and shield, or crossbow and shield.  Find and equip magical artifacts that offer special skills or buffs.  Take full control of your character's play style by customizing your character stats to enhance the abilities that support it.




Unlike traditional VR adventure shooter games, Shard Souls aims to immerse players into an episodic adventure RPG that has its roots deep in the classic 2D RPGs from the 1990s.  While Shard Souls definitely boats rich combat, both ranged and melee, it is the story of each world that pulls the player deep into the lives of each realm while propelling them forward in saving every world touched by a shard.




Shard Soul's adventures takes place across several different worlds and different points in time.  Many worlds will be revisited in future episodes where past adventures have spawned future events, often re-encountering characters and villains from previous episodes while engaging with new personalities wrapped into conspiracies tied to previous dramas.  Players will hunt down fragments of power that have been scattered through unstable portals.  Search and quest across fantasy realms, war torn earth, deep space stations, alien planets, Viking invasions, and more in an effort to find and collect the Shard Souls before the goblin forces find them first.




Each world has its own characters, drama, lore, weapons and items, and stories for players to unfold while the player hunts for the shards that have landed in each of the realms.  While Shard Souls has one over-arching goal, each episode plays out as an individual story that has been wrapped up in the main plot.




  • Immersive environments with stunning graphics and the freedom to explore and quest more while forgetting the real world ever existed.
  • Deep story-lines with well-planned back stories for each episode that further drive the player forward along a much grander saga within an unknown universe ripe for discovery and wonder.
  • Smooth and intuitive game play.
  • Meaningful quests and interactions with NPCs that give the player a true purpose and direction.
  • A wide variety of weapons and items that allow players to customize the game play to their style.
  • Easy character stat customization that allows players to specialize their character to match their desired gameplay styles as they level up.
  • Plenty of combat both above ground, underground, and beyond the atmosphere.
  • Interesting characters who make you want to know more about them.
  • Challenging action melee and ranged combat that will have you spinning and flailing in an effort to survive.
  • Each new episode brings new worlds to explore, storylnies, quests, items, and character enhancement.
  • Explore large map areas filling with enemies, quests, and challenges.
  • Advanced combat AI make the enemies less predicatable and more challenging to deal with.
  • Delve into dungeons where treasure and enemies are never in the same place as before. 



Though the demo was originally developed on Google Cardboard and GearVR with motion controllers, it is being developed for Oculus Rift with a port to HCT Vive as soon as the Oculus Version is completed. Additionally, we highly desire to port Shard Souls to PSVR.